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Bank of America is a big-name bank throughout the United States and the globe, and is ranked as the 3rd largest company in the entire world by Forbesin 2010. Being one of the primary mortgage lenders throughout the country from its headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, Bank of America has its share of foreclosure properties.

In fact, if you have been searching for foreclosures, then you may wish to consider Bank of America foreclosures – properties that are actually owned by the bank itself.

How Bank of America’s Foreclosure Process Works

When a homeowner gets behind on their mortgage payments and fails to pay the delinquent payments and associated fees for a period of time, the home enters into the foreclosure process. If Bank of America is the lender for the home loan and the homeowner does not pay the delinquent payments, then a notice of foreclosure is provided to the homeowner and the individual has until the property date of sale to get the property back in good standings with the bank. This document also informs the public of foreclosure proceedings.

If the homeowner is unable to pay the mortgage payments and the property is not sold at auction (after being repossessed), then the bank acquires the home making it the property of the lender. Once these properties are acquired by the lender, they become BOA foreclosures, which are also often referred to as bank owned foreclosures or REO properties.

How Foreclosures are Sold

Typically a lender will have someone outside of the company market and sell the foreclosure properties for them; therefore, realtors tend to have lists of Bank of America foreclosures for sale. In fact, most banks will have a department completely dedicated to foreclosures. For example, the Bank of America foreclosure department has all essential information on the foreclosure homes that are currently in the bank’s inventory.

Those looking to purchase foreclosures can also search US bank foreclosure listings to find everything from bank auctions to US bank REO properties that are already on the market.

Why Consider Purchasing Foreclosures?

Bank Foreclosure properties are often great investment opportunities for investors and potential homebuyers because they can often be purchased for well below market value. It is essential to note that foreclosure properties are often sold “as is” and therefore the lender is unlikely to make requested repairs. However, this “as is” state is often one of the reasons that USA foreclosures can often be obtained below market value.

In conclusion, Bank of America has its own foreclosure department that manages its foreclosure inventory – often with the help of a team of realtors – when the bank acquires properties due to a homeowner’s inability to pay delinquent mortgage payments. These properties are known as bank foreclosed homes and are frequently listed below market value, making them great investment opportunities for those looking for a new home.

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