A Post-Election Call for Foreclosure Homes Remediation

by Peter Vernon on Foreclosure Crisis

It has been a year since that government started developing programs on how to remedy the mortgage problems that triggered the current financial crisis. Since then millions of homeowners face foreclosures and unemployment, rendering government programs like FHA Secure and Hope Now alliance ineffective in handling these issues. Taxpayers’ money is being used to salvage financial institutions, and people are now clamoring that it is high time for the government to act on bailing out foreclosure homes.

Current programs are geared towards getting refinancing for these mortgages or collaborating with financial institutions in restructuring loan terms and reduce payment levels. Such moves are aimed in preventing homes to end up in foreclosures. However, experts say these programs are not comprehensive enough and do not look into the ability of the homeowner to make new payments.

Beleaguered homeowners do not want to take on a refinancing for their loans. Many are already underwater, meaning their loan amount is higher than the current worth of their homes. In addition, their credit scores have drastically fallen due to delinquent mortgage payments that refinancing for a new loan would be out of the question. The dread of foreclosed homes is fast becoming a reality for these people.

However, hope is still in the horizon for these people as more viable proposals are being offered. One proposal from the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) would do away with the slow process of analyzing each loan. Instead, standard formulas would be applied to determine if interest rate reductions and loan terms extensions would create a payment scheme that will be within the homeowner’s income capacity. Experts say this plan would be better in preventing foreclosures than mortgage modifications which usually end up in more delinquent payments.

The only problem in finally implementing these programs is the White House and the Treasury Department’s reluctance to approve these plans and make it the standard nationwide. Experts are urging the government to act now, or they could end up buying out mortgages for these homeowners.