The Real Estate Market: No Politics, No Ideologies, Just Facts

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It is very hard to find something that literally every American agrees upon – partly due to our differing societal values and partly due to stubbornness – but there is one thing that just about all of us believe: the United States has been struggling financially.

Most people agree that lenders played a major role in the housing market downfall. Just about everyone now agrees that real estate market recovery is finally underway. However, when asking whether the government – and of course President Obama – has helped the housing market make progress toward recovery, the disagreements are not only boisterous, but also frequent.

In fact, the state of the United States economy and the housing market have been key issues in the upcoming election – whether the candidates have been discussing the issues or avoiding them all together.

Obama and the Housing Market: The Two Extremes

When looking at the housing market, there are two polar opposite views and few people who fall between these two views.

The first view is that Obama has failed the United States and has done nothing at all to help move the housing market forward or the nation's economic situation. Specifically, they believe that the housing market is worse now than it was when Obama took off or that any progress that has been made was simply due to progress over time and not due to Obama's influence. Many of those with this stance believe that the unemployment rate is declining due to so many people running out of benefits, not due to job creation.

On the other side of the coin, you have those who believe that Obama has been prohibited from passing effective policies due to the Republicans in Congress and that despite this resistance, Obama has been able to revamp HARP and make significant progress toward recovery. Proponents of this view give Obama and the government props for helping increase home prices, new home construction, reducing foreclosures, and overall improving the state of the United States real estate market and economy.

Although there are some people who fall in the middle of these two extremes, most people definitely pick one side over the other, especially with the upcoming presidential elections.

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

At the end of the day, the lively disagreements and political ideologies has essentially made it so that nobody has really received credit for helping the real estate market make progress toward recovery. Regardless of your views of President Obama or the congressional makeup, the overall federal government deserves credit for their efforts.

You can argue that it was Obama or the Republicans in Congress who helped put the real estate market on the road toward recovery, but the government definitely deserves credit for its successes. Let's face it: the real estate market is now moving forward quicker than anticipated.

At the end of the day, we have to put political ideologies aside and just step back and see that progress is recurring, and although it has been a long, hard five years of struggle, the real estate market did not crash on inauguration day. The real estate market and overall American economy was headed toward disaster well before Obama entered into the picture and will continue to make progress toward recovery regardless of who wins the upcoming presidential election.

The economy and real estate market is a national issue that involves everyone (lenders, government officials, irresponsible borrowers, etc). Just as it took every one of us to put our country into this rocky situation it will take all of us to help pull it out.

We are not facing a Democrat vs. Republican issue – we are facing a national issue that must be addressed by everyone from your average citizen to the president himself.