U.S. Government Needs to Change Focus

by on Foreclosure Crisis, Foreclosure Help

People across the country continue to attribute the number of current foreclosures to the banks allowing individuals to purchase homes on sub-par income as was common before the heightened government regulations and mass number of foreclosures. Although this may have been part of the reason the foreclosure inventory drastically increased over the last few years, the current foreclosures are more than likely due to high unemployment.

Our nation’s government continues to focus on creating programs to assist individuals unable to pay their delinquent mortgages in an effort to combat foreclosure. Although these initiatives are great and do provide relief for some individuals they are not sufficient to keep people in their homes. Why?

Most foreclosure relief programs only delay the foreclosure process as they provide up to three months of assistance. However, most people are unemployed for around nine months as opposed to three. In these situations, foreclosure is only prolonged as opposed to solved.

What does all of this mean? The government needs to keep the programs that are being offered to provide foreclosure relief; however, there has to be national attention, time, and effort devoted to decreasing the unemployment rate by increasing the number of jobs. The unemployment rate must decline before the foreclosure inventory subsides.

For those still facing foreclosure, there are various ways to help avoid foreclosure through everything from loan modification to short sales. The first step in avoiding foreclosure is working with your lender to amend your loan and possibly decrease your monthly payment to something more manageable. If you cannot reach a deal with your lending company, you may wish to consider a short sale or a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure. There are also several other methods that may help you avoid foreclosure.

On the other hand, for those that do have stable jobs, the current real estate market provides exceptional opportunities for investing in low priced homes with all-time low interest rates. The current inventory of foreclosures includes everything from duplexes to multi-family homes.

In conclusion, the United States government should maintain the current programs to provide foreclosure relief while also turning their attention to addressing the nation’s unemployment problems that in turn affect the real estate market.