Staging Allows Sellers to Compete with Federal Home Foreclosures

by Peter Vernon on Foreclosure Crisis

Housing sales have declined in most areas of South Carolina during the last quarter of 2010. Homeowners who wish to sell their properties are faced with challenges brought about by potential buyers' wariness of the current condition of the market and the competition posed by low priced foreclosed properties, including federal home foreclosures.

Home sellers, however, have learned to position their properties in such a way that they can compete with cheaper Columbia bank foreclosures and other foreclosed homes. One technique they have learned to use is staging. According to realtors, staging is an effective way to help potential buyers envision themselves as owners of the for-sale property through presentation or setting up of a home in such a way that its most appealing characteristics are highlighted.

Realtors also stated that staging is a form of marketing that focuses on the interior of a dwelling. In the current condition of the market where South Carolina foreclosed homes outnumber non-foreclosed properties, a wide variety of choices are available to buyers which gives them the luxury of taking their time and choosing the exact property they want, often at very affordable prices.

Residential property stagers have emphasized the importance of staging in selling houses, particularly in such a time when bank and federal home foreclosures dominate the house-buying market. According to them, house staging services have become more in demand during the foreclosure crisis, with sellers seeking the help of stagers as properties become harder to sell and houses remain listed for longer periods of time.

Stagers have stated that their services might be considered additional expense, but can benefit a seller in the long run. They asserted that staging is best used in empty homes, particularly in neighborhoods with huge supplies of bank foreclosures. According to them, staging an empty property gives the potential buyer a better picture of how the home can be furnished. On average, stagers charge sellers with around $300 for the services.

Home stagers have admitted that the service might not be for everyone, mainly because of the additional costs. They stated that those who sell bank and federal home foreclosures are most likely to forego staging since their selling strengths will lie on the prices of their properties.