Ohio?s Boehner Refuses to Back Foreclosure Relief

by on Foreclosure Crisis, Foreclosure Help

Local and state governments across the country are doing their part to create legislation to assist homeowners facing foreclosure in an effort to help the housing market make progress toward recovery. The federal government has even sponsored some programs to keep families in their homes and out of foreclosure. The Idaho Housing and Finance Association is one example of the numerous organizations accepting applications for emergency loans to help prevent foreclosure. Across the nation, many legislators are completely in support of the foreclosure help programs; however, Ohio’s John Boehner is unable to get behind these initiatives.

Ohio residents, like other states in the nation, are experiencing drastic declines in home prices and increased foreclosure rates as unemployment rates remain high and families are unable to make ends meet. Many of the state’s current problems are no longer due to lenders providing mortgages to those unable to pay their bills, but are simply due to job layoffs and economic instability. Many lawmakers have stood behind initiatives to help those facing foreclosures, including a colleague of Boehner, Steve Chabot. However, as these bills pass Boehner’s desk, he has yet to place his signature in support.

Despite the increasing suffering in Ohio’s House Speaker Boehner’s own district, Boehner is failing to do his part to help Ohio residents. Not only has Boehner refused to sign these bills to help those facing foreclosure, but he has verbalized his detest for such programs often calling them scams. However, Boehner now claims that the programs proposed by the federal government were not any that would work in alleviating the housing problems throughout the state. Instead, Boehner thinks that these programs will only increase the duration of the housing market dilemma and stall the problem as opposed to helping solve the issues at hand.

Those in Boehner’s district who continue to suffer with an inability to pay their mortgages and a possibility of foreclosure are baffled by Boehner’s inaction and seemingly lack of care. As with others across the country, Ohio residents and those in Boehner’s district are screaming out for help as Boehner continues to block out the sound.

Luckily, others within the state and in local governments across the country are taking the foreclosure relief initiatives seriously and are helping to pass legislation that will provide some assistance to those facing foreclosure. In the end, one person is unable to stand in the way of real change and foreclosure assistance. Keep heart Ohio residents, help is on the way.