Advocate for Owners of Foreclosed Homes for Sale in Toledo Lost Home

by on Foreclosure Crisis

An organization known for helping people who ended up homeless after losing their properties to foreclosed homes for sale in Toledo has lost their facility after a fire destroyed the structure. The Maumee Valley-based Habitat for Humanity is currently seeking temporary headquarters as their South Toledo base has been destroyed by the fire.

The organization has helped a lot of homeless people who have been affected by the foreclosure crisis which saw the list of various foreclosed properties, including list of Wells Fargo foreclosures, growing every month in the area. Now, the agency is also homeless and several proposals have been put forward as to where the organization will stay.

A number of Ohio foreclosed homes and vacant commercial locations have been suggested and one of them was the South Toledo Y site which is currently empty and awaiting demolition. Former city Mayor Carty Finkbeiner has recommended that demolition of the site be stopped and for it to be used instead to house Habitat.

However, some city council members have disagreed, asserting that the premises, like other foreclosed homes for sale in Toledo that have been left empty for quite some time, will require a huge amount of money to renovate. Finkbeiner has recommended that volunteers be tapped to help renovate the Y to save money.

The former mayor has added that the Y should not have been left vacant that long like most of the properties under bank foreclosure homes listings that failed to sell. He stated that the presence of Habitat in the former recreation facility will give the area around it a new vitality.

Meanwhile, some members of the council have recommended Erie Street Market as an ideal place to temporarily house the organization. According to them, using the Y will not be financially feasible and renovation work will consume too much time. Those who oppose Finkbeiner's suggestion have estimated the cost of renovating Y to be as much as $100,000.

Habitat for Humanity will be unable to provide aid and services to its clients, including people who have lost their properties to foreclosed homes for sale in Toledo, for at least a week. The organization is hoping to find a new place within a few days to return to its normal work schedule.