Expensive Dwellings Fell to Detroit Foreclosures

by Simon Lindsay on cities

A number of residential properties, each worth millions of dollars, had fallen into Detroit foreclosures. The latest luxury residence to be auctioned off is a house in the city of Novi that has an estimated worth of $18 million prior to the real estate crisis.

The residence is owned by a businessman who accumulated wealth through a series of hair removal clinics. The Novi property, comprised of more than 19 acres, is one of the most expensive to come under Michigan foreclosures. Real estate market observers have stated that the property symbolizes how far the housing market crisis has affected the area that even luxurious residences are not spared.

Homebuyers who attend property auctions usually expect to bid on regular houses that have been foreclosed on by banks, including Bank of America foreclosures for sale. But the auction that will be held in a few days time will be a different one since this palatial property will be one of the houses on offer.

However, this is not the first time that people buying homes for sale will see a million-dollar home being sold at auction in Detroit. In the past year or so, several mansions and luxurious dwellings from the Turnberry Estates subdivision, worth between one and $10 million, have been sold at foreclosure auctions.

The past couple of years saw Detroit foreclosures affecting restaurateurs, business executives, multimillion real estate agents and other wealthy people in the city. At the Turnberry subdivision, almost one third of properties were either sold off or facing foreclosure threats, while other owners are currently dealing with mortgage payment problems.

More than 700 properties that are worth $1 million at least have received notice of foreclosures in the Detroit metro area since the first month of 2009. According to some real estate analysts, some of the owners of these homes are just dumping these properties to avoid a negative credit history.

They added that most of the owners are willing to treat the loss as a bad investment and will just dump them in exchange for a good credit, bank money and a chance to buy something else. Analysts also stated that Detroit foreclosures will have a lot more negative implications on their finances, so most of them prefer to walk away instead of waiting for foreclosure.