AGO Launches Help Video for Owners of JP Morgan Chase Home Foreclosures

by Donald Hanz on Foreclosures

Homeowners facing the possibility of losing their properties to government or bank foreclosures, including JP Morgan Chase home foreclosures, might get some help from the educational video launched by the Arizona Attorney General's Office.

Owners of Mesa foreclosed homes and other homeowners from different areas of the state facing distressed home-related problems can take advantage of the free information that the video provides. The film will be provided to nonprofit agencies that counsel homeowners having ownership troubles. Copies will also be distributed to faith-based associations, libraries, schools, businesses and social service organizations.

The video is all about foreclosure homes in Arizona and it provides tips to homeowners on how to identify fraudulent "foreclosure help" companies. It will also offer advice on how families can avoid foreclosures. The production of the film was funded by the money from the settlement between the Countrywide Financial Corp. and the state.

In addition to the video, the state has also recently implemented a legislation that will prevent consultants of homeowners facing problems related to home foreclosure listings to charge upfront fees. According to authorities, the legislation was established to provide additional protection to homeowners against fraudulent foreclosure rescue firms.

The AG Office has encouraged homeowners who are facing possible bank foreclosures, including JP Morgan Chase home foreclosures, to get in touch with their office or with a housing counselor approved by the government. Free counseling is provided to troubled homeowners through the Arizona Foreclosure Prevention program and the Attorney General's Foreclosure Resource Center.

Other resources designed to help troubled homeowners and those who have been victimized by fraudulent mortgage modification operations are being offered by the AG Office. According to local authorities, the housing market crisis has caused a lot of families in the state to lose their homes and such problems are made worse by the illegal operations of fake companies pretending to offer foreclosure mitigation services to troubled borrowers.

The AG Office educational video is just one of the many initiatives launched by the state of Arizona to address the problem concerning the huge number of troubled homeowners facing government and bank foreclosure problems, including those who have lost their residences to JP Morgan Chase home foreclosures.