Find Pre Foreclosures in the Bronx thru Foreclosure Listings

by Peter Vernon on Foreclosure Listings

Pre foreclosures in the Bronx can be found through reliable foreclosure listings. These listings do not only feature Bronx foreclosures; they also have a lot of Bronx pre foreclosure homes.

The number of pre foreclosures available for sale has risen in recent months after the federal government launched its Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives program last year. The program was designed to help troubled homeowners avoid foreclosure in a more realistic way. The Home Affordable Modification Program has not been effective in preventing foreclosure for a huge majority of borrowers who joined the program.

Nationwide, both the number and percentage of homes repossessed by lenders in April increased despite the 9-percent slowdown in overall foreclosure activity. In April, a total of 92,432 homes were repossessed, a jump of 0.94 percent from March, when 91,568 homes became REO units. The percentage of REO units as a portion of total foreclosure filings also increased from 24.95 percent in March to 27.69 percent in April.

This increase in completed foreclosures prompted federal officials to launch a program that would handle pre foreclosures. If more troubled homeowners decide to sell their homes through short sales and more lenders accept the short sale proposals, then more homes would be saved from getting into list of bank owned properties.

Similarly, listings that contain foreclosures in New York also feature pre foreclosure homes for sale in the city and state of New York. Foreclosure listings now are easy to use as their search tools are fast and targeted. Prospective buyers can explore immediately lists of homes in neighborhoods they are targeting.

The more reliable foreclosure listings also provide current information on both foreclosure and pre foreclosure properties, so customers are getting correct and real-time information.

In the first quarter, foreclosure filings in New York City surged by more than 16 percent to a total of 4,226 postings. Consequently, people looking for pre foreclosures in the Bronx can still find a lot of them through the use of reliable foreclosure listings.