Aid for Homeless Due to Bank Foreclosed House Crisis

by Simon Lindsay on States

Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle has awarded a total of $6,395,897 grants to 88 local organizations across the state to help them provide assistance to homeless people, including those who lost their properties due to bank foreclosed house crisis.

The funds will be used by local organizations for transitional housing, supportive service, emergency shelter and homeless prevention programs for needy people, including those who lost their properties because of the bank foreclosed house crisis.

The funds were awarded to local agencies by state Secretary Richard J. Leinenkugel of the Department of Commerce in behalf of Doyle during the Wisconsin Conference on Homelessness held in Middleton.

Doyle said that the grants will aid local organizations provide assistance and direct service to homeless individuals and to help others avoid becoming homeless. He added that it is important that people help one another during this difficult economic times and to make Wisconsin a great place to live in.

Out of the total $6,395,897 grants, $4,622,588 was given to 66 organizations under the Emergency Shelter, Transitional Housing, Homelessness Prevention and Critical Assistance Grant Programs.

These programs will provide funding for essential services, shelter operations and short term rental assistance. They will also provide assistance to help distressed homeowners protect their properties from becoming bank foreclosed house.

About $906,400 were also given to nine local organizations under the HOME Tenant Based Rental Assistance Program which will provide up to 2 years of rental support to special needs and homeless tenants.

Seven organizations were awarded grants totaling $773.909 under the Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness Program. The money will be used by the program to fund various services for mentally ill and people who have substance abuse disorder and have no place to call their home. The program will also help them avoid becoming homeless.

Furthermore, six organizations were recipients of about $93,000 granted under the SSI/SSDI Outreach, Access and Recovery Program. The fund will be used to coordinate benefit and assistance services for mentally ill people with no home.

These services would be of great help to the state’s homeless people, especially those who lost their homes to foreclosures. June data showed that Wisconsin took the 21st spot among states with the highest bank foreclosed house rate.