Indiana Bank Foreclosures, a Solid Investment

by Simon Lindsay on States

As the housing market continues to languish due to the increasing number of Indiana bank foreclosures, industry experts are finding ways to turn around the current situation for the advantage of small investors.

Experts suggested that small investors purchase foreclosure homes for use as rental properties. They said that foreclosure properties are very solid investments.

Small investors who want to obtain a loan to finance the purchase should first consider approaching a local credit union, according to experts. Credit unions are smaller in scale compared with their banking counterparts. Experts said that credit unions based their marketing programs on their being a community asset.

Small investors may have a better chance of convincing a credit union to provide them a loan for their venture into the foreclosure market. Meanwhile, industry experts said that securing a loan to be used in the Indiana bank foreclosures market requires an employment history and the right credit.

A typical loan request for a commercial property requires a down payment of at least 30 percent. But the amount is negotiable and can be discussed with lenders. Industry experts said that given the current condition of the housing market, smaller lenders are willing to relax their loan requirements and to invest in local communities.

Experts said that providing a loan to someone in the community to buy a foreclosed home for investment is a great way for small lenders to build a name for themselves in the community.

Meanwhile, individuals who have a not so good credit history should not worry about buying a foreclosure property in Indiana. The housing market has been degenerating for some time now, with the number of foreclosure houses growing by the day. Because of this trend, it is but a common thing to see foreclosures on a person’s credit report.

Experts said that lenders are willing to overlook foreclosures on credit report if the reasons are mitigating circumstances such as job loss, divorce or illness. They said that prospective investors who are planning to buy foreclosure homes for use as rentals should make sure that their monthly income is enough to pay their mortgages even if not all of the properties would be rented out.

Industry experts said that small investors would not regret investing in Indiana’s real estate market as the state’s economy remained strong despite the decline in property values.

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