Law to Protect Tenants of Homes on Bank Foreclosure List

by Simon Lindsay on Foreclosure Help

Renters of homes on Bank Foreclosure List need not worry anymore of sudden eviction because the Nevada Legislature has passed AB140, which is part of the state efforts to curb the impact of the foreclosure crisis.

The law requires foreclosing lenders to provide notice to renters that the homes they are living in are on Bank Foreclosure List. It also requires a notice to be submitted to the state if licensed health facilities are facing foreclosures.

Also approved by the Nevada Legislature is SB395 which promotes green development, lowering of greenhouse gas emissions and energy efficiency standard requirements for all state buildings.

Added to the bills approved by the legislature is SB269 which provides an immediate suspension of licenses of medical professionals who are convicted of felonies. This law is in response to the outbreak of hepatitis C in Las Vegas due to inferior injection practices.

Meanwhile, lawmakers are also on the final stage of approving the SB52 which is in line with the federal law, Real ID Act. They approved the AB395 that grants state workers collective bargaining rights but does not include negotiations on wages or other economic-related issues.

Critics of the bill pointed out that it runs contrary to the state’s right-to-work policy. However, labor unions said that the bill would eventually expand negotiating rights for workers.

Meanwhile, the SB309 has been amended to include prohibiting motorists in Nevada from using their cell phones to text or call while driving. This bill covers emergency personnel and police. Lawmakers also rallied to resurrect a proposal to revise the smoking ban in all public places in the state.

On the other hand, lawmakers rejected the AB493 which would have tracked investments by Nevada’s Public Employees Retirement System into the oil-energy industry of Iran and the AB463 aimed at prohibiting state agencies from using high-priced consultants.

Meanwhile, the AB140, sponsored by the Labor Committee and the Assembly Committee, is expected to lessen the burgeoning properties on Bank Foreclosure List.

First quarter 2009 foreclosure filings in Nevada reached 41,296 homeowners, a 19 percent rise from the last 2008 quarter and 11 percent jump from the first quarter of last year. One out of 27 houses in Nevada is on danger of being placed on a Bank Foreclosure List.