Fort Worth Bank Foreclosures Prevention Fund Raising

by Peter Vernon on States

Some companies have organized a fund raising event to help homeowners avoid Fort Worth bank foreclosures. Proceeds from the fund raising event went to the Foreclosure Angel Foundation which has been helping distressed homeowners save their properties from foreclosures.

In November 2008, Rockwall, Texas-based Marilyn Mock attended a foreclosure auction with her son. At the event, she saw a woman who was crying over the lost of her home to foreclosure. Mock decided to loan her rock yard business’ dump truck and used the money to purchase the woman’s house.

She sold the house back to the woman for its auction value, which was $50,000 less compared to what the homeowner has owed. The media learned about Mock’s deed which led to her guest appearances on the 20/20 program of ABC-TV and on Oprah Winfrey’s show.

After her first rescue, Mock decided to do more Forth Worth bank foreclosures prevention efforts. But this time, she wants to expand her campaign on a national level. She formed the Foreclosure Angel Foundation with the aim to help distressed homeowners who are at risk of foreclosures.

Mock’s television appearances brought in donations and provided much needed relief to distressed homeowners. Mock has received about 5,000 applications from distressed homeowners who want to save their properties from foreclosures. So far, she has saved nearly 40 houses from foreclosures nationwide.

Mock explained that her foundation tries to find people who are really in dire need of help and not just those that have overspent. She said that there are so many people who are desperate and have no one to turn to for help.

A homeowner from Goldsboro, North Carolina who could not find a job because of an injury from a car accident, was on the verge of selling her electric cart to pay for her mortgage when Mock and her team came to the rescue.

The woman said that what Mock and her team did made her realize that a lot of people are out there willing to help others. She said that Mock lets her know that she is not alone.

In the Fort Worth fund raising event, Mock received a check amounting to $27,275 for her foundation.