Foreclosures Rise As Does Opportunity

by Simon Lindsay on Foreclosure Rates

As feared, the number of bank foreclosures found on foreclosure listings has soared to record heights. Take for instance, the Sacramento California area, according to DataQuick Information Systems, a real estate market tracking company; the number of foreclosure homes has hit a record high of close to 5300 in the first quarter of 2008. This is nearly one half of all foreclosures that area experienced during the entire year of 2007.

The government is calling for mandated discussions between distressed homeowners and the lending institutions. Then why are the numbers of foreclosures for sale not decreasing? To put it bluntly, as time goes on, the economic woes continue and more people, many of those who never thought they would find themselves in financial distress are beginning to become affected. To add further insult to injury, experts believe that the number of foreclosures, be it bank foreclosures, government foreclosures or tax lien foreclosures will only increase as the year progresses.This prediction is not held to the Sacramento area alone, it is a nationwide epidemic of the worst proportions.

The nation is in a recession, so much so that the government will next month begin releasing checks to all persons who have filed their 2007 1040’s to stimulate economic spending. With this unexpected windfall, one may want to consider the purchase of a foreclosure property. As many foreclosure homes can be purchased for pennies on the dollar, particularly those such as government tax foreclosures or repossessed homes, this may be an opportunity to spend that money on a foreclosure real estate purchase.

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