Foreclosure Does Not Mean Losing Your Voting Rights

by Donald Hanz on States

As Election Day nears, more and more Maryland voters are getting worried about not being able to exercise their right to vote because of foreclosure. In an effort to address this particular concern, the state’s Attorney General has instructed all state and local election officials to let voters know that even if they have lost their homes to foreclosure, they have not lost the right to participate in the upcoming election.

This instruction comes in the wake of reports that many people have been growing concerned about the possibility of losing their voting rights. For the Office of the Attorney General, it is not enough reason for a voter to be challenged based on the local foreclosure list. Only a person whose identity is being questioned may be challenged.

In addition, there have been reports over the past days that Michigan’s Republican Party plans to challenge voters based on foreclosure listings. For this reason, Barack Obama’s campaign has filed a suit against the GOP in order to prevent this from happening. Leaders of the GOP have denied knowledge of such plans.

Concerns from registered voters have been making the phones of the Democratic Central Committee in the county of Prince George’s ring non-stop. Many of these callers needed to know if there was truth behind the spreading news and are inclined to not vote if it was real, for risk of getting embarrassed.

With thousand of homeowners who lost their homes to foreclosure since the mess in the mortgage industry erupted, it is vital that election officials clarify this small matter and inform the voters about their rights as well as the process involved.

All these distressed homeowners have to do is update their voter’s registrations and come Election Day, vote at these new districts.