Avoiding Foreclosure: How to Save on Home Repair Costs

by Simon Lindsay on Stop Foreclosures

For troubled homeowners, one option that can be explored in order to avoid foreclosure is to sell. of course, this is easier said than done considering the tough market. but if you are really keen on attracting potential buyers, it would help if you spend some of your money on home repair projects that could improve your home’s value and appeal.

Naturally, you will be a bit worried about the cost. In order to save some money, here are some helpful tips:

  • Do It Yourself: one of the simplest ways to save money on repair costs is by doing the work yourself. Of course, the repair should be simple enough such as painting and fixing cabinet handles. You should be realistic with what you can tackle without the help of a professional.
  • Hire a Professional: some repair works require special skills and this is the time when you should hire a professional. If not, you will be wasting money by trying to do things by yourself. For the best value for your money, shop around and compare rates. You can ask your friends or neighbors for referrals.
  • Be Clear: when discussing the extent of the home repair project, you should be very clear with what you want and expect. This way, the repairman will come prepared, saving both of you time and money. Also, it is best that you discuss full cost of the service upfront.
  • Buy Own Supplies: if you will be hiring a professional to do the repair, you can still save money by buying the supplies yourself. Most home repair companies charge at least 20 percent more for supplies and materials, excluding the time they consume shopping for these items.

With these tips, you will be pleased at how easy it is to improve your home’s appeal without having to spend much. You should not be surprised when potential buyers come knocking one after the other.