Atlanta Bank Foreclosures are the Way to Find a Reasonably Priced Home

by Donald Hanz on cities

If you are looking to purchase a home, but you want to make sure you are getting your money’s worth, try looking into Atlanta bank foreclosures. Imagine purchasing the home of your dreams in Georgia and doing so at far below the homes market value; if you purchase Atlanta foreclosure homes, this is very possible.

While most of the nation’s economic growth has slowed somewhat throughout the year, Atlanta’s has continued to grow. Over the past year Atlanta has experienced both population and job growth. This is just another reason to purchase Atlanta bank foreclosures and make your home in this great city. With foreclosure prices in Atlanta, you will save on average between 15% and 45%, sometimes more. One particular Atlanta foreclosure home lists for $175,000.00, but has a market value of around $815,000.00. While you won’t always find this big of a discount on foreclosed homes, you will be able to find huge deals.

Atlanta bank foreclosures are simply homes in the city of Atlanta that have been recovered by the bank from individuals who have defaulted on their home loans. If you check through the Atlanta foreclosure listings, you will see that you can find foreclosure homes in many price ranges and a host of sizes and designs. Because the bank is not looking to hold on to the home for a long period of time, it is put on the market quickly. They do not stand to make any money from a home that is sitting empty and unsold.

You may actually be able to find a foreclosed home that has never had an owner in Atlanta. Bank foreclosures that were foreclosed on when the company building the home was unable to find a buyer before their bank loan came due, are typically called hidden foreclosures. They are called hidden foreclosures because no one involved with the home will refer to it as a foreclosure, simply because it is not a pre-owned home. Imagine purchasing a brand new home for only a percentage of the market value of the home.

While purchasing a home can sometimes be a daunting process, with foreclosed homes, it can be made a much easier and much less hard on the wallet. So before you go straight to the real estate market and pay a huge amount for your home; try looking in to Atlanta bank foreclosures, you will be happy you did.