NC Governor’s Last Chance to Tackle Foreclosures

by on Foreclosures

All eyes are on North Carolina’s exiting Gov. Mike Easley as he will have an opportunity to strengthen his influence before he leaves office, as he put stress on his accomplishments particularly about reducing mortgage foreclosures.

President-elect Barack Obama and other governors and governor-elects had a meeting held in Philadelphia last week and discussed about economic incentive package. Gov. Easley touched the program reducing mortgage foreclosures which he successfully pushed to the Legislature last summer.

A couple of days later, Gov. Easly was at a conference in Florida discussing about the refinancing plan that is already up and helping thousands of troubled homeowners with existing subprime loans.

The Governor’s deed was not unusual as officials make such announcement or highlighting the things they have achieved before they vacate their position.

His Learn and Earn, which aims at helping high school students gain college credit, and More at Four preschool programs has actually given him national recognition for public education.

Oddly, Easley’s image was boosted by a difficult year of negative publicity, destruction of emails, questionable fund used on overseas trips by him and his wife and bad period of economy.

He was honored for taking a proactive approach to a declining budget deficit by way of agency cuts and gathering $1.2 billion to maintain the budget balanced until the new Gov steps in.

He has built himself great credibility and for that reason other lawmakers and state executive officials are taking his words.

In 2007, North Carolina had a 9 percent jump on foreclosures and now the state’s unemployment rate has gone up mainly because of recession. But foreclosure starts rose by 9 percent in North Carolina in 2007 to 49,700, and this year’s recession raised the state’s jobless rate hit six-year high.

His success in bringing the program designed to reduce foreclosures in Legislation hits the mark.

According to Easley’s office, Easley has designed unique plan of preventing foreclosures and adapt the program as a national model said the National Governors Association.