It Does Not Hurt to Look at San Francisco Bank Foreclosures

by Peter Vernon on cities

To first time buyers, it is only natural for you to be wary considering the national housing market conditions. But in reality, the high foreclosures rate in California has actually created a wonderful opportunity for home buyers. Even with the many existing homes for sale, it would not hurt to check out San Francisco bank foreclosures and include them in your shortlist.

There are actually several reasons why you should do this. If you buy one of these San Francisco bank foreclosures, it means owning a home at an affordable price. Even if home prices have been declining all throughout the state, you can not enjoy as much savings.

Another reason is that the current subprime mess has actually resulted to stricter lending guidelines that protect buyers from predatory lenders. You will be able to enjoy low interest rates as well as real financing. There will no longer be any offers of interest-only payments, adjustable interest rates and other hybrid loans that were considered to be disadvantageous to home buyers.

Looking at San Francisco foreclosures for sale is actually good for buyers, especially first time buyers. This is because these foreclosure homes come with great offers and deals that include quick sale, smaller down payments, reduced closing costs and negotiable asking prices. You can even look for special loan assistance offered by the federal government. Of course, you have to factor in the cost of repairing and renovating these San Francisco foreclosure homes.

The only inconvenience that you might encounter is the competitive bidding. In most instances, owners of these distressed properties receive multiple offers, mainly because they are being sold at a fraction of their market values. But there is a very small likelihood that this will happen; especially if you consider the thousands of foreclosed properties for sale in the market.

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