Bank Efforts Failing Against the Foreclosure Battle

by on Foreclosure Crisis

Foreclosure crisis has excessively expanded that even top banking regulator expressed concern about struggling homeowners who can no longer keep up with housing problems. Even FDIC Chair Sheila Bair claimed during a forum at Washington that the nation is way behind in dealing with this problem. Had her earlier warnings regarding making modifications on mortgages, she says the nation may not be experiencing the challenges it is experiencing today.

As this mess on mortgages has extensively spread encompassing the nation’s economy, bank and even the government has stepped up to counter this. The combined efforts of banks, servicers and different community groups have helped 2.7 million homeowners avoid foreclosures through programs on loan modifications.

During the previous summer, Bair even took initiative after IndyMac has fallen under the FDIC. Forty thousand homeowners have been targeted by the agency for its loan modification program. By slashing up to 3% of interest rates, homeowners get reduction of their mortgages without exceeding 38% of their entire annual income.

As the crisis develops, more and more homeowners are faced with foreclosure notice. In October alone, roughly 280,000 homeowners had to face these notice with 85,000 families actually losing their homes. These figures only indicate that the crisis has gone out of hand.

Although legal authorities are available to help a homeowner modify his loan in order to avoid foreclosures, investors themselves post conflicting interests. In mortgages, for example, that have been broken down into senior and secondary tranches, lower or secondary tranches usually lose in cases where of reduction of original value of investment. Hence, lower tranch investors usually lose interest cooperating when it comes to these modifications.

However, Bair never loses hope. She claims it is never too late to take initiatives in order to prevent foreclosures. And of course, what better way to address this crisis than to personally deal with them by being responsible and smart especially when it comes to financial matters.