10 Ways for Foreclosure Crime Protection in your Neighborhood

by on Foreclosure Crisis

Just sitting around, as a foreclosed house deteriorates and attracts crime, is a no-no. You can do something to prevent foreclosure-related crimes in your neighborhood. And 10 ways to do it are as follows:

  1. Read the Foreclosure Notice Posted by the Bank. Notice is often posted on the door or window. It contains the trustee’s sale or auction date. Take note of the address and telephone number for future reference.
  2. Look for Signs of Abandoned Pets. If there are pets locked inside, immediately contact Humane Society or your local SPCA and plead them to rescue the pets.
  3. Do not Block the Driveway without Permission. Parking your car in the driveway means subjects it to getting towed. Contact the bank and ask permission to park within the property.
  4. Gather Mails and Discarded Newspapers. Prevent them from scattering or even attracting criminals. Keep them in your garage and later give them to a real estate agent listing the home.
  5. Water and Mow the Lawn. Banks shut off water supply (also called winterizing) of a foreclosed home, so just use your own hose to water the lawn. Also, mow it at least once per week.
  6. Call Proper Authorities for Foreclosed Homes that have Swimming Pools. Do not drain the pool for it may crack or sink. Several agencies have mosquito control measures to prevent the pool from becoming a mosquito haven.
  7. Make the Foreclosed House Look Occupied. Pimp the flower garden. Fertilize. Rake leaves and gather fallen fruits during fall; and shovel excessive snow during winter.
  8. Report Presence of Abandoned Properties. If there are properties left by behind by your neighbor or there are new items in the yard, ask your local city departments to remove them.
  9. Initiate a Neighborhood Watch. Contact the police department or the National Sheriff’s Association for procedures.
  10. Call the Police for Doubtful Activities. It is best than trying to stop vandals breaking in by yourself.