Mesa Bank Foreclosures Leads to Higher Returns

by Simon Lindsay on cities

It’s been said that real estate investment is a far safer and much better investment than the stock market. With saving interest rates in our country at a 30-year low and the stock markets in red, many of my small investor friends are now queuing up to invest money in Mesa bank foreclosures. I love in Mesa and believe that Arizona bank foreclosures offer one of the best opportunities for investment in real estate at bargain prices.

With the more and more people having fallen prey to subprime loans, foreclosure homes have become a reality in Mesa. Also, the current real estate market condition is ripe for small investors, like you and me, to purchase these bank foreclosures for our own private residence or rental purposes or for flipping. American economy is facing a difficult time, and many upwardly mobile people are parting with their swanky homes due to inability to make their monthly payments.

Mesa bank foreclosures are not cheap or dilapidated homes in crime-infested areas, as is the common perception. Today, if you see the foreclosure listings for Mesa, you will find many foreclosed homes are located on the beachfront or in wealthy suburbs indicating a healthy mix of such properties.

When I said my investor friends are queuing to purchase foreclosed property I wasn’t exaggerating. Homes that were purchased for over half a million dollars are now being sold cheaply. The value of these properties is estimated at around $200,000 to $400,000 and you can verify this in the national listings over many foreclosure websites on the Internet. The fact that more and more desirable properties are now on the market for sale coupled with the fact that the interest rates are low, help many people in Mesa and across America to qualify for mortgages on Mesa bank foreclosures.