Facing Foreclosure: Know Your Options

by on Foreclosure Crisis

Another reason why the problem in the housing industry worsened is the hundreds of thousands of homeowners who failed to address their mortgage problems properly. Some of these distressed homeowners decided to ignore the calls and letters sent by mortgage lenders when they started missing their mortgage payments. Unfortunately, this kind of reaction will only aggravate their stuation.

If only they knew that there are actually several options that they could have checked out to solve their mortgage problems, they might have enjoyed the chance to fight for their homes. If you recently found yourself in the same boat as these distressed homeowners, here are some of the possible solutions to your financial woes.

  • Loan Modification – assuming that you are having difficulties with your mortgage payments because you could no longer afford them, you should probably speak with your lender about changing the terms of your existing loan. If the lender agrees, you will find yourself with a longer paying period, less monthly mortgage dues and if you are lucky, a fixed interest rate.
  • Re-financing – if you are in a situation where your credit history has not been blemished by missed payments, you can always consider taking out a new loan – one which you can afford to pay and with generally better terms.
  • Pre-foreclosure Sale – you will be surprised with the much buyer interest that homes in pre-foreclosure are generating. If you believe that you can no longer keep up with the payments and you have some equity left on the property, it will probably be wise to put your home in the market. Of course, you will have to make an effort to attract buyers, considering that you need to sell the property before the reinstatement period is up.
  • Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure – this option is suitable for distressed properties whose market value is enough to satisfy the existing mortgage debt. You will definitely avoid a foreclosure entry in your credit report with this option but the agreement will still appear as a negative entry.