Democrats Worried Republicans Will Challenge Voters Due to Foreclosure

by Donald Hanz on Foreclosure Crisis

For most distressed homeowners, the fact that they are facing foreclosure is not enough reason for them to give up their right to vote in the upcoming presidential election.

In most counties, the members of the Democratic Party has been making sure that the voting right of these unfortunate individuals is still upheld. They are mostly worried that the Republicans might use the foreclosure listings as a reason for challenging the residency of these voters.

This fear comes from reports that the GOP is planning on challenging ballots based on foreclosure lists. The Republican Party has already denied such claims but there is still news that they are entertaining the idea to ask these troubled borrowers to vote provisionally.

According to election officials, there is actually no reason for troubled borrowers to be worried since it does not mean that the homeowners is no longer residing there legally. Even so, such tactics can cause some voters to think twice about voting for fear of being embarrassed. This situation will certainly affect voter turn-out and might even slow down the entire voting process.

The good news is that poll workers will be educated on laws regarding registration in order to respond to any challenges during Election Day.

As for the provisional vote, some states have a provision in their registration guideline that allows individuals to vote in their former precincts on the condition that they are still residing within the same congressional district and county. All they need to do to vote is to submit an affidavit.

For the Democrats, they consider these foreclosure related challenges a form of harassment. A team of Democratic attorneys is already getting ready to address these false challenges come Election Day.

Last month, the Obama campaign filed a lawsuit against the Michigan GOP in order to keep them from proceeding with the foreclosure related challenges.