Foreclosure Filings for January Up, Investors See More Opportunities

by Donald Hanz on Real Estate Investing

Compared to the number of homes that entered some stage of foreclosure in January 2006, there was a dramatic 57 percent increase for this year according to the report by RealtyTrac. On the other hand, the month-to-month increase in the number of foreclosed homes is relatively modest. Experts are crossing their fingers, hoping that the foreclosure crisis will somehow ease up.

Factors that may have contributed to the somewhat good news are the continuing efforts exerted by lenders and the national and local governments to help homeowners who are facing foreclosure. In addition to offering new payment terms, owners in distress are also receiving valuable mortgage and foreclosure information. Many of these owners are hoping that these concerted efforts are given to really help them cope with their mortgage troubles and not simply delaying the inevitable repossession of their homes.

The growing number of foreclosed homes has already alarmed the public. With the persistent news of possible recession in the country, this is certainly something to be worried about considering its effect on home values. On one hand, a large inventory of foreclosures for sale creates a great opportunity for home buyers and real estate investors. They can enjoy a great selection of really nice repossessed homes that come with unbelievably low tag prices.

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