Fort Worth Bank Foreclosures are In and Fast Food is Out!

by Peter Vernon on cities

Fort Worth bank foreclosures are in and fast food is out! Well so it seems because there are so many investors lining up to buy some of the best property in Fort Worth in 2007. Is there something special about 2007 or is there something strange about the real estate market in Fort Worth? Well this question will get answered on its own once you look at some facts and figures.

According to some of the new market report, there has been an increase in Texas bank foreclosures. Since the beginning of 2007 till date, Fort Worth has jumped by 83% as compared to the percentage jump last year around the same time. Statistics show that there is an incredible rise in the number of foreclosure homes in Fort Worth with one filing per 1000 homes in 2007. So far, there has been a whopping 567,046 filings in the country. Sometimes numbers speak louder than words!

In fact according to another report, there has been an increase in the number of REO filings too. The magical number is 3.7 per 1,000 homes, which is an increase of 24%. The truth is that there are foreclosure homes for almost anyone if you are willing to invest. The information on these homes is available on online foreclosure listings. The benefit is that you will get to choose your home from the comprehensive listing and also know the price of the home in advance. All Fort Worth bank foreclosures are sold through a public foreclosure auctions and all you have to do is put your best foot forward and bid.

Some of the best opportunities come in small packages while Fort Worth bank foreclosures come with a small price tag, which can be as low as 35% less than the market price. You interested?