Bank Foreclosures for Sale: Should you invest in them?

by Peter Vernon on General

Just like any other investment, foreclosure investing requires some degree of knowledge and experience. You can not simply decide to jump right in without knowing the basics of buying these bank foreclosures for sale for investment. Naturally, you have to start somewhere. It is not enough that you have the money to buy them. The question is – will they be worthwhile investments? Here are some of the advantages of purchasing these bank foreclosures.

Less Risk

Among the many types of bank foreclosure properties (pre-foreclosures, foreclosure at auctions, HUD foreclosures, etc.), foreclosure homes pose less investment risk. These properties are actually the ones which survived a foreclosure auction and now belong in the lender’s inventory of non-performing assets. In some states, sellers are covered by non-disclosure clauses but you can easily speak with them if you have discovered something amiss with the foreclosure property you bought.

More Room to Negotiate

If you buy one of these bank foreclosures for sale, you can negotiate with the seller the asking price, closing costs and even the payment terms. These sellers will agree to your demands just to minimize holding costs. If you are lucky, you can even get your mortgage application approved by the same bank or seller.


Compared to the others, bank foreclosures for sale are easier to locate. You can choose to go to a mortgage company or bank and ask to see their list of real estate foreclosures. But since many banks choose to enter into listings contract so that they can attract a larger number of potential buyers, you should subscribe to foreclosure listings instead. Brokers like Bank Foreclosures Sale can provide you with complete and updated listings of foreclosures up for grabs.