Buy Charlotte Bank Foreclosures Then You Can Afford a Good Lifestyle

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Charlotte is a beautiful city with a low cost of living as compared to Memphis, TN or Jacksonville, FL. This means that if you buy Charlotte bank foreclosures then you can afford a good lifestyle. The median family income in Charlotte is $63,082 annually with a family purchasing power of $68,493. The job growth has also been pretty good with a 6.58% increase between 2000 and 2005.

The only disturbing news is that there has been no respite from the increase in the number of foreclosure homes in Charlotte. In 2006, almost 1.2 million foreclosures were filed nationwide, which is an incremental increase since 2005 when 900,000 foreclosures were filed. According to market analysts, the foreclosure problem will only get worse from here and this includes North Carolina bank foreclosures.

The year 2006 saw 22476 foreclosures being filed in North Carolina and this was an increase of 41% as compared to 2005. The rate in 2006 was one per 157 homes, which made sure that North Carolina was listed as the state with 24th highest foreclosure rate. The total rate of foreclosure for North Carolina was due to the high foreclosure rates in different parts of the state including Charlotte. Charlotte bank foreclosures are available with ease today and you can bid in any one of the auctions taking place in Charlotte.

But before you can bid on any of the foreclosure homes, you will need to identify the homes you like by going through descriptive foreclosure listings. These listings will give you an idea of what you can expect in terms of the total space, the number of rooms, the locality and even the price. These listings will help you to zero in the Charlotte bank foreclosures of your choice and you can then go ahead full steam and bid in the public auction.