Ever Heard of Bank Foreclosure Properties?

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The current real estate market condition in the United States shows a considerable rise in foreclosures rate. This means that many home owners have failed to keep up with their mortgage payments and gave up their home to foreclosure. Over one million homes succumbed to foreclosure in 2006, resulting to a large inventory of bank foreclosure properties. So what are these properties?

In the US, home buyers typically buy homes by taking out a mortgage or housing loan. These loans are subject to approval and the borrower’s credit history is checked thoroughly. The credit score is also used as a basis for calculating the loan amount and interest rate. Depending on the mortgage terms, the borrower/home owner is required to pay an agreed amount each month.

If this obligation is neglected, lenders have no choice but to initiate foreclosure proceedings. Stages in a foreclosure include Notice of default, re-instatement or pre-foreclosure, Notice of Foreclosure Auction and Real estate owned. When foreclosure homes are not sold during the auction, then they are placed in the possession of the mortgage lenders, who in most instances are banks. To recover all the incurred cost including the debt owed to the property and foreclosure proceeding fees, sellers will try to dispose of the property as fast as they can by offering greater deals and incentives.

If you are interested in buying a property, you should check out these bank foreclosure properties. Not only are they considerably cheaper than brand new housing units but the large inventory guarantees more choices.

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