Albuquerque bank foreclosures: It’s Time to Invest

by Donald Hanz on cities

A visit to Albuquerque is a unique experience of the Southwest and in the recent past many people have moved into this beautiful town in New Mexico looking to purchase property. This influx of buyers has been prompted by the high number of Albuquerque bank foreclosures in 2006 and in the first six months of 2007.

Rich in cultural and historical heritage, Albuquerque presents a different face of America, a face that is innocent and fiery. Albuquerque has a strong infrastructure and offers every amenity possible including great colleges, Hispanic cultural centers, art galleries, museums, sports and cuisines. Amidst all, this one tends to get lost in the buzz of the New Mexico bank foreclosures and the real estate market. The year 2007 definitely started with a list of foreclosure homes for sale but the filings have fallen by 37% as compared to 2006.

In spite of the fact that the filings have reduced this year, there is still a huge database of foreclosure listings available online or with banks for investors and first time homebuyers. The New Mexico foreclosure rate stands at one filing per 1,726 households but this has not stopped people from taking sub-prime loans for buying a home and nor has it considerably reduced payment delays. As a result the list of bank foreclosures just keeps rising.

If you are looking for your dream home in this dry desert land of the Southwest, then you will definitely found some in the Albuquerque bank foreclosures listings. You will find a home that will match your taste and will be offered for an irresistible price tag. After all where else can you find a home with a 15% discount? Albuquerque bank foreclosures offers not only a good discount but also palatial homes with swimming pools, small, comfortable and aesthetic homes with beautifully decorated walls and much more.