Why would you invest in Ohio Bank Foreclosures?

by Peter Vernon on States

The rising foreclosures rate has resulted to a real estate market flooded by Ohio bank foreclosures. Because there were thousands of owners who could not stop their lenders from filing foreclosures, the number of bank foreclosures skyrocketed over the last couple of years. As an investor, you would probably ask yourself if investing in these homes will be profitable.

It is a simple enough question with a simple answer. Investing in Ohio bank foreclosures is a smart investment move. For starters, these foreclosure homes are priced according to the mortgage owed by the previous owner plus some additional fees incurred by the lenders during foreclosure proceedings.

Since the number of bank foreclosures in Ohio is in the thousands, buyers are given quite a selection of bank foreclosure properties to choose from. Depending on their needs and investment purposes, investors can choose from condo units, apartments, lofts or even single-family homes.

For the month of June, the number of Ohio foreclosure filings reached 11,879, down by more than 10 percent from May. With the foreclosures conditions slightly improving, buyers should no longer wait on the sidelines and start taking advantage of the historically- low interest rates as well as very low prices. As competition between sellers intensifies, buyers will surely come out of the fray with considerable savings. It is not even remotely surprising that some of these buyers get to own real estate foreclosures by just paying a fraction of what these properties are valued in the open market.

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